There are classes during the school year for all ages at 9:45 AM. The College and Young Adult Sunday School class meets at 11 AM.

Nursery 1: birth to age 2
Toddler (ages 1-2) Church Building; Nursery 1

There’s a class for you, whatever
your age. Come.

Come and we’ll learn together.

Pre-K (ages 3-4) Church Building; Nursery 2
K and Grade 1 Fellowship House, 2nd floor
Grades 2-3 Fellowship House, 2nd floor
Grades 4-5 Fellowship House, 2nd floor
Grades 6-7-8 Fellowship House, apartment
Senior High Fellowship House, basement
Dot Somers’ Discussion Class
Adult Class
Fellowship House, main floor
Social Gospel Hour
Adult Class: Looking for an opportunity to discuss current events in the light of Scripture? This group starts with fellowship, then looks at events in the news, personal experiences, books or magazine articles, or Facebook posts. Leaders Dave & Nancy Walters always have a discussion starter, but the study can take any direction. We try to determine “What would Jesus do?” and “What does Scripture say?” although we often agree to disagree, practicing Christian love and mutual respect. The class is open to anyone past high school.
Fellowship House, main floor
College and Young Adult Sunday  School Class


 11:00 AM, Memorial Room in the church

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